Legislative evolution has introduced important modifications that affects the fundamental rights of people who may be involved in public order offences and wrongdoings with important consequences on personal assets (fines and penalties) and also personal responsibility, mean (imprisonment, restrictive penalties of rights, work in favour of the community).
In this area, legal assistance is compounded on various related issues:

  • Investigations of infractive conduct and criminal offences against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Investigations of subsidy/pension scheme fraud and money laundering.
  • Crimes against traffic and circulation safety.
  • Investigations on guilty punishable insolvencies and property uprisings.
  • Charges of crime commission in the insolvency area. Corporate crime.
  • Legal-criminal defence in crimes against people and against property.
  • Crimes against intellectual property and those related to industrial property.
  • Offenses and breaches related to discovery and disclosure of business secrets.
  • Domestic violence crime related.
  • Crimes against the rights of workers, against working conditions and Social Security.
  • Urban crimes.
  • Prevarication (undue influence, unjust and malicious prosecution, resolution or power execution), and other crimes committed by public servants and officers.
  • Criminal responsibility of judges and magistrates.
  • Sanctioning administrative procedures (Gag Law, Traffic, Social Security, Treasury, Public Administrations, Professional Colleges, Schools, etc.)
  • Actions before the Office of the Children’s Prosecutor and Juvenile Courts.


  • Analysis and identification of the criminal risks inherent in business activities.
  • Implementation of an effective system of control of regulatory compliance and crime prevention in corporations and private companies.
  • Definition of the attributions and composition of the internal control body of corporations and companies.
  • Staff training.
  • Revision of compliance models already implemented.
  • Implementation of an internal system for irregularities and misconduct reporting.

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