Audit includes the set of actions carried out by independent professionals in order to analyse and review the legal-labour situation of a company, by studying the documentation and information provided by such company, and reflecting in a final report the real situation of the company in terms of compliance and fulfilment with labour and Social Security obligations.

It involves making a “legal x-ray” of the work performed, in Social Security, Union rights and prevention of occupational risks of the audited company, either at own request, or on behalf of other company or group of companies that pretend to acquire the audited one.

The work of the labour audit will be embodied in a report that, collecting the methodology used and the information analysed, may establish the detected contingencies and the recommendations or action proposals that are derived from the analysis performed.


In addition to legal aspects, the Labour department will be responsible for providing information and advice on issues related to Human Resources to enhance and develop the “human factor” as a key element in the transformation of the business environment and in order to consolidate its competitiveness.

Among the services that it would provide, are:

  • Participation in the detection of the possible training needs of companies.
  • Advice on studies of staff satisfaction, motivation and participation.
  • Collaboration in the development of effective communication systems with staff and development of appropriate communication tools.
  • Dissemination of information on the current situation of human resources management.
  • Organization of seminars and technical seminars in the field of Human Resources.
  • Dissemination of Good Practices in the field of HR.
  • Information to customers through social networks of the main legislative developments.