Aware of the importance of preventative actions we advise our clients in order avoid litigation, also trying to strengthen their position in the light of an eventual  lawsuit.  

Lack of quick judiciary resolution is normally compensated by interaction with all the practice areas of the firm, and we exercise on this in order to offer our  clients the maximum specialization and care for their issues, in each and every case. 

Our trial lawyers are trained in the latest techniques of public speaking and  legal coaching and develop effective tools to transmit the client’s position to the  judge. Within this area of practice the following subjects are perfected: 

  • Civil and Commercial Contracts. 
  • General Conditions of the Contract. 
  • Rights of consumers. 
  • Agency, Distribution, Concession and Franchise Agreements. Intellectual property and SGAE. 
  • Procedures for resolution and contractual termination. 
  • Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution of civil and  commercial contracts. 
  • Property, possession, transmission and administration of real estate. Claims for quantity 
  • Corporate conflicts. 
  • Conflicts between shareholders. 
  • Exercise of liability actions against administrators. 
  • Challenging social agreements and decisions of the Board of Directors. Execution proceedings and precautionary measures. 
  • Personal guarantees (bonds) and real (pledge and mortgage). Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes. 
  • Foreign arbitral awards and decisions. 
  • Legal and non-judicial titles. 
  • Provisional execution of judicial resolutions. 
  • Payment and exchange procedures. Claim of debts to defaulters. Responsibility actions. 
  • Contractual responsibility 
  • Extra-contractual liability. 
  • Professional responsibility 
  • Processes in matters of fundamental rights and infringement of the rights  to honour, privacy and self-image.