The complexity of labour relations, in a context of constant changes in legislative and jurisprudential regulatory matters, makes necessary to rely on support of professionals with skills and capabilities to face such complex environment and to offer to the client precise and effective solutions to every one and all the issues that may arise.

Patiño Lawyers within this practice area are specialized professionals, aimed at offering to companies and corporations a comprehensive job counselling and consulting service that may include, among other issues, the following:

  • Internal flexibility measures (substantial modifications of working conditions and transfers).
  • Restructuring of Work-Force.
  • Collective negotiation.
  • High-Level Management.
  • Processes of productive de-centralization.
  • Corporate and Society re-organizations.
  • Labour audits and occupational risk preventative means.



Our objective is the strategic advice on labour and human-resource management areas, looking for the most advantageous applications of labour regulations and social security regulatory fulfilment within the daily management of the company.

We design appropriate tools in order to optimize decisions and business actions to reach the easiness of management, in a direct contact with the client. Our services offer top versatility and high degree of specialization in the Labour, HR and related legal areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Advice in the daily run of business.
  • Process of starting a company: Communication of opening of the work center, affiliation and number of the Social Security, registration in the Social Security applicable regime.
  • Registration, Struck-off and variations of company ́s circumstances and workers’ regime in the different Social Security schemes.
  • Workforce hiring, bonuses and special conditions of work.
  • Revenues and compensation systems (variable remuneration systems, flexible compensation, stock and stock-options, pension commitments).
  • Study and preparation of payroll and social insurance in all schemes of the Social Security.
  • Management and preparation of all type of settlement and liquidation.
  • Suspensions and terminations of individual labour relations.
  • Disciplinary regime.
  • Geographic and functional mobility. Substantial changes in working conditions.
  • Outsourcing processes: contracts and sub-contracts of work and service.
  • Outsourcing responsibilities: defining strategies for limiting and controlling responsibilities.
  • Illegal assignment (cessionary for/of labour).
  • Senior management: contracts, special agreements, armour clauses and non-solicitation and non-compete clauses, incardination in the organic structure of the company, cessation of senior management.
  • Affiliation and contribution to social security. Funds Scheme.
  • Classification within the different Social Security Schemes: managerial staff.
  • Bonus policies for Social Security contributions/funding.
  • Protective action of social security and business forecast.
  • Training plans.
  • Temporary work Agencies.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Due diligence and advice in restructuring processes (purchases, mergers, splits, segregations, etc.).
  • Consults an Communications in front of the Administration.
  • Legislative novelties.


Professional members of Patiño Abogados strive into avoiding judicial conflict encouraging and enforcing preventative advice focused on the friendly resolution of conflicts focusing into search for the most beneficial situation for company.

In the cases of assumption of the trial or lawsuit within this area of Labour Law, when a transactional agreement is not possible, we will develop an expert and solvent way of our client ́s interests defence. For such task we use our expertise in the procedure areas of Law thru well-reputed staff.

Among others, the Labour Law area of practice offers the following services:

  • Preparation, assistance and appearance before the Labour Inspection.
  • Processing, monitoring and legal representation before the SMAC as well as Social Courts and Tribunals.


Our experience allows us to manage companies/businesses re-organizations and corporate restructuring through a highly specialized advice. We provide professionalism and top quality in the sectors of greatest impact and complexity of our economy and in all business areas.

The Labour area has experience in re-structuring and re-organization operations that implies collective firings, early retirements, rent plans and relocations, etc. We specialize in definition of strategy and coordination with Consultants and other third parties, paying special attention to bankruptcy proceedings, as well as in negotiations with the Social agents, and as an interlocutor with the Trade Union organizations, Labour Inspection and with the state and region Administration.