Social reality presents new models of family that, in a crisis situation or eventual death of a relative, it forces to regulate in an efficient way the relations among  family members or, in case of discrepancy, the intervention of a lawyer to  defend their interests in a judicial trial or lawsuit. 

The expertise of our professionals, with specific training in family law, family  mediation and negotiation techniques, in addition to their commitment and  sensitivity for all family models, regardless of sexual orientation, nationality,  race or model of union allows us to give an adequate response in the following  matters: 

  • Separations and divorces: Provisional and contemporary measures.
  • Marriage civil and ecclesiastical annulations. 
  • Guard and custody. 
  • Claim, termination and modification of pensions. 
  • De facto unions. 
  • Incapacitations and patrimonial issues of persons submitted or  guardianship or curatorship. 
  • Liquidation of the matrimonial economic regime. 
  • Acceptance of inheritance. 
  • Claim of legitimate inheritance and legacies. 
  • Determination and integration of the hereditary flow. 
  • Impugnation of testamentary dispositions. 
  • Heritage partition. 
  • Drafting of wills, departures, and life oaths. 
  • Taxation in successions and donations. 
  • Tax Reviews. Challenging valuations.