Current trend, encouraged by our legislative bodies, tends to enhance and pay greater relevance to arbitration and mediation as methods of conflict resolution, 

is having and undoubted reflection in the training of the professionals that  practice within our Law Firm. 

Our members are registered with the Registry of Mediators of the Bar  Association of Ferrol (Colegio de Abogados). We count also with a mediator  authorized by the Mediation Service of the Superior Council of Chambers of  Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain, that is a member of the working  group of GEEMME (European Group of Magistrates for the Mediation of Spain),  as well as the Secretary of the Court of Arbitration of the Northwest for the  promotion of mediation and arbitration of Galician Justice. 

Mr. Patiño (Office Principal), has been appointed as Arbitrator by the Galician  Council of Chambers of Commerce, to act to and before the Superior Court of  Justice of Galicia. This allows us to offer, in this area, the following professional  services: 

  • Advice to the intervener in arbitration and / or mediation proceedings.
  • Acting as Arbitrators. Arbitration in Law (according to legal criteria) and  Arbitration in Equity (according to the loyal knowledge and understanding  of the Arbitrator). 
  • Acting as mediators in matters of civil, commercial and criminal nature.