• Authorizations, licenses and administrative concessions.
  • Administrative contracts.
  • Sanctioning administrative law.
  • Rights and obligations of officials, competitions, competitions, internal promotion, mobility, professional career, provision of jobs, validation of degree, compensation claims and three-year vacations, permits, reductions in working hours and leave of absence.
  • Counselling and defence in crimes against the Public Administration, economic crimes, planning and urban planning crimes, ecological crimes.
  • Regional creditors and subventions, state also and companies.


  • Preparation and processing of urban management tools.
  • Urban concessions.
  • Compensation boards and conservation entities.
  • Authorizations and administrative licenses.
  • Advice on the processing of exploitation licenses in rustic land, commercial licenses.
  • Advice on processing municipal licenses of work, activity, occupation or operation.
  • Advice on records of protection of the urban legality, suspension of licenses, orders of clause, orders of execution and sanctions.
  • Managerial issues and defence in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
  • Preparation of studies or legal opinions.


  • Assistance to individuals and companies in expropriation, administrative or contentious proceedings.
  • Expropriation Reversion
  • State public subsidies, advice and assistance in the application procedures to public companies. Challenge of refusal of aid and the procedure for reimbursement of aid.
  • Data protection and electronic commerce.


  • Active participation or advice in negotiations with Public Administrations.
  • Prior to the presentation advice in public procurement offer: analysis of the documentation that governs the tender; Challenge of specifications and announcements; compliance with the aptitude requirements to contract with the public sector.
  • Presentation of offer and formalization of contract: correct application of the award criteria in public procurement; justification for reckless, abnormal and disproportionate casualties; claim in exclusion of offers; award proposal; Constitution of temporary union of companies; formalization of the contract.
  • Execution and execution of the public contract: Execution of the public contract, Suspension of the public contract; Modification of public contracts; Claims for payments, interest for late payment, indemnities.